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Challenge Time
Challenge Time
Challenge Time

In this new team building you will measure your abilities along different journeys. Tailor made and ad hoc activities, so that you can film yourself while trying to set the new record of ... well, the most fun and unimaginable tasks! Dribbling and shooting with rolls of toilet paper, the new supremacy of bathtub freediving or other activities designed specifically for you!

An activity that can take place at any time and any hour, you just have to create and film within the scheduled deadline!

We can also organize this activity by launching the challenge and viewing your live performances, thus being able to manage the live broadcast, perhaps with a compelling commentary on your challenge!

This team-building activity proves perfect for engaging participants who are geographically distant, allowing them to participate in a fun experience from different locations.


This team building activity can be developed within training courses to improve leadership, communication and team working.

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