Cocktail Home Challenge

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Cocktail Home Challenge
Cocktail Home Challenge
Cocktail Home Challenge
Cocktail Home Challenge
Cocktail Home Challenge

This team building activity will allow you to make the most famous drinks at home and also to invent new ones together with your team. We will send to each participant a Cocktail Box containing the necessary ingredients for the preparation of the drinks.
The activity will be carried out entirely in their own homes and conducted by our professional bartenders through a video conference connection.

Participants will be guided step by step in the preparation of a famous cocktail and after, divided into teams, they will create a new and original cocktail.
In this remote version, our judges will not be able to try the taste of the new cocktails so their evaluation will be based on the preparation, presentation and final design of the cocktail.

Needless to say, excellent teamwork and a lot of creativity is needed to win the challenge!

If you have the chance to meet in person, take a look at our in-person version: Cocktail Challenge!


This team building activity can be developed within training courses to improve leadership, communication and team working.

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