Comments, Feedback and References

For more than ten years we have specialised in organising team building and incentive trips. We have always given our clients the best service available,
achieving top-quality results.
In this section you will find feedback from those who have chosen us.

"Yet another positive experience with the Smart Eventi team. The cocktail challenge, the team building activity that we selected for our Group's new employees, turned out to be very enjoyable and well organised. Your team showed outstanding expertise. Moreover, you were able to customise each activity to our particular needs, resulting in a perfect summer poolside event!"

Fabio Fabiano

Group Organization & Workforce Planning – Head of Group HR Digital Processes

"Like every year, we asked Smart Eventi to support us in planning our team workshop, to celebrate the year's achievements and prepare for the strategic priorities that await us in the new year. Eugenia understood our expectations perfectly and designed a 2-day event with a perfect mix of business and leisure/team building moments. The overall atmosphere was warm and welcoming at all times. We will definitely be in touch soon for our next team event!"

Sales Account Manager.

The working relationship was extremely smooth and the support from your side was total. We are an 'international company, so the bureaucratic management was definitely not easy but eugenia who followed us, was always extremely considerate, succeeding perfectly in the organization of this event despite having to deal with 3 different figures involved in the organization and sometimes absent for business trips. The smiles on the faces of my colleagues once the event was over, I would say is emblematic of the quality of the service offered.

Fabrizio Bellantone


From the very beginning, Smart Eventi showed an understanding of our needs, guiding us in the delivery of the event. Clara constantly proved to be empathetic, helpful and competent, and, given the positive feedback we received and our coworker’s patent enjoyment, we can definitely say that the activity was a success and we are entirely satisfied with it.

The team building activity was a success, thanks to the proactivity of our colleagues who took part in it, as well as to the excellent planning and the whole Smart Eventi team!

Marketing & Exhibitions

The collaboration with Smart Eventi was exciting and adrenaline-pumping. There was an understanding even before starting by marking a fruitful path during all phases of the event. All the collaborators, even the most skeptical, were involved by the creativity and dynamism of the team, and the location also made an impact, conveying a sense of tranquility and energy at the same time. The “Charity building” team building activity was welcomed and implemented with great passion and dedication. The intent was to spend carefree hours together, building something socially useful and recreating an atmosphere of union between people. The bizarre interview entertained us for which a special thanks goes  to the direction of Corinna. The result was amazing and brilliant, arousing as many emotions as laughter.

Communication team

Dear Eugenia and Alessandro, thanks in the name of all Empire Communication for the excellent work done with the convention and for the professionalism, availability, patience and sympathy with which you have supported us since the early stages of organization of the event: the excellent feedback from all the participants regarding choice of locations, teambuilding exercises and recreational activities was just another confirmation of the quality of your service. Working with you was fun and enjoyable: more loaded and united than ever, the team looks forward to other opportunities for future collaboration.

The team at Smart Eventi has been professional, responsive and reliable from the very early stages of the organization of our Team Building. They were able to understand our main goal and proposed few ad hoc activities that proved to be in line with our requests. In particular, Eugenia has always been very approachable, reactive and an excellent partner in the realization of our event while Fabio has been an extremely entertaining host who managed to stir up the competitiveness of the audience and warm up the atmosphere. The team building worked out successfully and all our colleagues engaged in the activity
proposed. The aim was that of strengthening the collaboration among us whilst sending a strong message to each one of us… we can say that the target was fully accomplished.

Eleonora Di Benedetto

HR Specialist

We would like to thank Eugenia and all of the team at Smart Eventi for their support in organising this team building event. Everything was perfect, from the venue to the detailed planning of the activity. Our employees were delighted and they greatly appreciated this opportunity for collaboration and teamwork!


We spent two wonderful days together. The contribution of Smart Events has been invaluable in every step of the event creation, from planning to implementation, both remotely and directly in location. Thank you for your professionalism, company and support, without which it would not have been possible to achieve this goal with confidence.

Human Resources

We recently concluded a corporate event organized for our parent company in collaboration with Smart Eventi. The commitment was great: a long, intense week marked by the many initiatives planned, but in which we took part with joy and with a great desire to do. The organization was perfect, starting from the search for the location, to the meeting rooms, to the team building, perfectly organized with an exceptional English-speaking animator. Even the lunches, coffee breaks, and dinners in always different locations have contributed to making a difference on the whole organizational level. Not to forget the logistics; all of this was handled impeccably and carefully. The feedback and compliments we received from colleagues across the Alps were concrete proof of this. I thank all the staff, Eugenia in particular, who supported us in the preparatory phase and during the week in question. It was a real success!

Ludovica Cambi

Junior HR Coordinator EMEA, Energy Group

Dear Eugenia, once again thanks from all Canadian Solar company for the professionalism, attention and above all kindness with which you organized and realized the event. It is always a pleasure to work with you and we are sure that there will be other opportunities.

Anita Beiner

Event Manager

Hello Ylenia, the group enjoyed the weekend a lot, the feedback is very good. Thank you for all your support and inputs. We look forward to work with you again on Rome!

Michela Sgambelluri

Global Sales Support Assistant

Thank you for a great evening, it was a real success! Our colleagues greatly praised the presenter's skill and the overall engaging experience.

Partner at BIP

This was a wonderful experience! We were all satisfied with the organisation, the content and the result!

Jasmine Cappella

HR | People & Culture

"The event was amazing, probably the best we have ever had. It was a time of sharing and fun, truly the best way to say goodbye before the holidays! Creative ideas came out of even the most unexpected people during the activity and it made us create connections that don’t normally occur in the workplace. The venue was beautiful and the organisation impeccable, we couldn't have asked for better!"

Maria Fabbri

Marketing and Communication Dept.

Your team’s versatility and helpfulness provided an added value for the success of our first corporate team building event. Clara was able to channel our tastes, choosing locations and activities in line with our corporate objectives, and engaging the Greensun team in the best possible way. The Val D'Orcia with its landscapes, colours and flavours granted us an immersive experience.

Stefania Bellini

Sales Manager

Selexi considers the Christmas event  noteworthy as it closes the work experience of the year, requiring a suitable location both for a professional meeting and a celebration at the end. The location met both needs, and for the third time, Smart Eventi met the expectations of management and collaborators. Clara and Eugenia were very helpful and welcoming

Elodie Plan

Principal Consultant & Business Development Team Leader

Eugenia, Alessandro and Clara provided amazing support for our 2022 company trip in Rome. They suggested thrilling team building activities following our theme, and were here with us every step of the way to support what was a successful meeting.

Andrea Santangelo

Sales and Marketing Manager

Hi Alessandro,
Thank you, we have always been very well with you and we have appreciated your constant presence in the various moments, which has always been one of your strengths. Thank you

Mr. Giuliano Ruzza

Manager Bankasa

The "Sardinia 2014" project you managed for Bankasa was spectacular. Your masterful organisation was instrumental in helping the management get the values they wanted to convey to their employees into focus. The scenery was breath-taking and we got to learn about local history and traditions. Our team has emerged from this experience stronger and tighter and we are all looking forward to next year's team-building. We have been working with you for five years now and we feel you really understand our needs and share our goals.