Videoclip Challenge

Create your corporate video clip going beyond distances!

Videoclip Challenge
Videoclip Challenge
Videoclip Challenge
Videoclip Challenge
Videoclip Challenge

This time you will have to try your hand at recording a music video clip, taking care of both the choice of the song and the personalization of the text.
Each team will have the time to work together and then send us their own music video clip, where each of you will sing and interpret a piece of the chosen song. If you weren't able to manage the editing, we will then edit the scenes you elaborated in order to create an incredible corporate video clip.

We will give you a theme on which to build the song, but of course you can choose your favorite soundtrack. You will then have to present your team, your song and share the video you've made.

We can either organize this activity by helping you creating a single company song for all your colleagues and offices.

If you have the opportunity to meet in person, we recommend our Movie Making & Spot Team Building!


This team building activity can be developed within training courses to improve leadership, communication and team working.

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